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      1. First page| Policies and regulations| House insurance | Planning finance | Real estate | Urban Construction | Village and town construction | Construction market | Quality and Safety | Bidding | Registration of Practice | Gangpei Center | Seismic approval plan | Party building work | Online interview | Government consulting | State Council News |

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        1. Notice


          • Autonomous Region Real estate The 4th Member Congress and General Meeting of the Association

          • Notice on the implementation of the qualification of construction engineering enterprises in the region on the network

          • About release 2019½Autonomous region construction engineering series title examination results and cooperation...

          • ʧ

          • 2019½Announcement of the List of Registered Personnel of the Fourteenth Batch of Construction Division II in the Autonomous Region

          • About½Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development portal website network address change notice

          • The announcement of the tenth batch of construction-oriented enterprises in our district in 2019

          • 2019½Thirteenth batch of second-tier construction divisions

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          1. E-government hall
            • Construction market Integrated supervision and integrity work platform

            • Electronic bidding system

            • Licensing Examination and Registration Enquiry

            • District housing and urban-rural construction training and assessment platform

            • Safe Production License Inquiry

            Work dynamics
            • йSeventy-second anniversary ½Brilliant achievements in housing urban and rural construction

            • Take the "13 pairs of connections" as the fundamental method to comprehensively promote the improvement of residential urban and rural construction and improve the quality

            • Eight-year Aid to Xinjiang Road

            • Briefing on the training of experts in evaluation of Xinjiang Autonomous Region Cost and Bidding Center

            • District Housing and Urban Construction Department carries out in-depth occupational disaster prevention and reduction operations based on actual conditions

            • Over-fulfillment of key project funding missions accelerates economic and social development in our region

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              1. The county's county-level sewage treatment projects have begun

              2. Expand Real Estate Market-specific regulation of housing construction industry supervision has been strengthened

              3. Breakthrough in the field of pollution prevention in the residential construction sector has made a new breakthrough

              4. New achievements have been made in strengths and weaknesses

              5. New achievements in housing construction and improvement of people's livelihood

              6. ½Construction of Cultural Broadcasting Center started

              Government Information Disclosure
              Institutional settings Handling guideline Leadership profile Monitoring complaints
              Government Information Disclosure Guide Safe Production Integrity Common downloads
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              1. City construction
                • Good
                • Huocheng
                • Lu Keqin
                • Huiyuan Town
                • Fu Yun
                • Cocoa sea
                • Shigatse
                Famous Tourist Sites
                  • ư󿨼Ͳʽ
                  • Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Resort
                  • Kumtag Desert Scenic Area
                  • Bosten Lake Scenic Area
                  • Sailimu Lake Scenic Area
                  • Kanas Nature Reserve
                  • Bayin Guolenmeng Scenic Area
                  • Tianshan Grand Canyon Scenic Area
                  • Turpan Scenic Area
                  • Zepujin Lake Yang Scenic Area
                  • Baisha Lake Scenic Area
                  • Bayanbulak Scenic Area
                  • Urumqi Kowloon Scenic Ecological Area
                  • Bayin State and Jingbainbrook Scenic Area
                  • Yili Nalati Tourism Scenic Area
                  • Fuyun Cocoto Scenic Seascape in Altay
                Tender Notice
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                  • Tender notice for 2019 high standard farmland construction project in Fuyun County, Yili Kazakh City

                  • йPeople's Liberation Army66866Tender notice for EPC general contract project of army 75729 project

                  • Huiyuan Town Tender notice for the fourth tender section of the 2019 village-level arrangement of event site standardization construction projects

                  • Huiyuan Town Announcement of the bidding for the five bidding sections of the 2019 village-level organization activity site standardization construction project

                  • Huiyuan Town Tender notice for the sixth bid section of the 2019 village-level organization activity site standardization construction project

                  Winning announcement
                  • Public bidding for the municipal management network of Nanwaihuan Road in Gaoxin District, Shanshan County, and the passing through of the railway crossing project under the drainage channel

                  • Supervision of construction in Huiyuan Town project for harmless treatment of domestic garbageʾ

                  • 66866Bid announcement for the renovation and renovation project of the army reception room and its subordinate facilities

                  • 66866Public bidding for the construction of the dormitory and surrounding walls of the military security squad

                  • 66866Public announcement of winning the bid for the new construction of the army fence

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                    • Market

                      Special governance for outstanding problems in the field of engineering construction

                      Law enforcement inspection in the field of engineering construction

                      Enforcement inspection of government investment projects in the field of engineering construction

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